Summer Day Camp

2018 Kids Summer Day Camp  -  August 13 - 17th,  8:30 - 12 noon

This year's camp is for children ages 5 to 12.  Our Summer Day Camp is taught by trained and screened workers.  We are working along side of Child Evangelism Fellowship to put together our program.  There will be big group activities and you child can choose from one of four electives:  

SPORTS - Laurie Thomas is our sports coach.  She is a member of New Life and a mother of 2 children.  She is also a teacher in the public school system and teaches gym.  Laurie has had a lot of experience with children's camps over the years.  She will be doing team building games with a variety of sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Basketball, and Ninja Fitness.

SCIENCE - Our instructor for science is Gary Brickell.  Gary is a member of New Life, father of 4 adult children, and 11 grandchildren.  Gary has a passion for science and wants to make this a fun learning time for the children.  They will learn how to predict the weather, navigate using GPS, and do fun science experiments.

ART - Our instructor for art is Carol Thompson.  Carol attends New Life and is a teacher in the public school system.  She is also an artist with many beautiful paintings.  Carol will be teaching art using water colours.  Even though the pastels are water based you might want to send along a large old t-shirt to keep paint off your child's clothing.  The fee for the Art elective is an extra $5 to cover the cost of supplies.

DRAMA / MUSIC - Our instructor for drama / music is Kate Stevely.  She is a member of New Life, a mother of 4 children, and she tutors children with learning disabilities.  Kate will be working with the children using music and drama to develop a short play.

Cost is $25 (extra $5 if your child chooses Art as their elective).

Registration is each day from 8:30-8:45.  You will need to come in with your child to register, and the first day you will need to read and sign a parent consent form or bring in the completed form.  You can download the forms here.

If you have any questions you can contact Mary Brickell at 289-231-9351.

Below, please register to reserve your spot with your name, email, and phone number, and in the large box include your children's names, ages, and 1st and 2nd choice for electives.  We will try to accommodate everyone's 1st choice but that may not be possible.